How Long Can Broccoli Last In The Fridge?

So many variables! This basically seems to depend on how fresh your broccoli was when you bought it and where you bought it from. Super fresh broccoli that comes from the farmer’s market or from your own garden has been know to last nearly two weeks. Broccoli that’s in season (between October and May) may keep for nearly this long as well. Otherwise, look for it to last roughly around a week. But even this is better than not refrigerating it at all, at which point it will only last around two days.

Never wash the broccoli before you refrigerate it. The water will only make it break down faster. And you can tell it’s reaching the end of its life when it begins to look wilted. But don’t be ashamed to make a last-ditch attempt to save it by cutting the end off and putting it in the cup of ice water the same way you would put flowers in a vase. Put your pretty bouquet and vase back in the fridge for about 30 minutes and it should (hopefully) begin to look like its own crispy self again. (Side note: this can work for celery as well.)

When the crown and florets begin to turn a lighter shade of green, or even yellow, this means the broccoli has reached the end of its life…it needs to be put down. It will lose its crispness and if you keep it any longer the taste will begin to change. But never fear – if you can catch it before it starts to turn on you it will still serve you well for one more thing. Make soup.

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