Does Tuna Have Protein?

Protein is important for the body to have for a number of reasons and tuna has a fairly significant amount of it. The exact amount of protein you are ingesting does depending on the specific species of tuna, so you will want to keep that in mind. A typical 100g serving of bluefin tina has around 23 grams of protein in it.

A perfectly equal serving of yellowfintuna has anywhere from 22 to 24 grams of protein in it. Those who are trying to get as much protein as possible from their tuna will definitely want to go with yellowfin tuna because it has the highest protein content. Those who consume both canned and precooked tuna will be able to get a significant amount of protein into their bodies. A 100 gram serving of white albacore tuna has around 25 grams of protein in it while tuna that is canned in water has only 23 grams. Those who are going for the tuna with the highest tuna content will want to make sure that they choose fresh tuna over the canned variety every time.

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