Does Tuna Contain Cholesterol?

Eating a significant amount of tuna on a regular basis can actually reduce LDL which is considered to be the bad type of cholesterol which can cause all sorts of problem later on down the line if levels of it in the body are high enough. Tuna contains what is known as omega-3 fatty acids which are good at doing a number of things, including reducing unhealthy cholesterol and improving various brain functions.

It is important to consider that there are certain types of tuna such as white albacore tuna that are somewhat less nutritious than the others, so you will want to think about that when trying to decide which type to buy from the supermarket. You will find that fresh tuna contains just a little bit more omega-3 fatty acids than canned tuna does, so that is yet another consideration which you will want to make when you are trying to figure out which type to buy so you can benefit the most in terms of reducing cholesterol and overall nutrition.

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