Can You Microwave Fresh Asparagus?

It is possible to safely microwave asparagus but you will want to know how to properly go about doing this in order to avoid any adverse effects or results. The very first thing you will need to do is to rise out the asparagus thoroughly and then cut off the ends because they tend to be very dry; make certain that the leaves are kept intact while you are doing this. Next you will want to lay out all of the asparagus spears on a single plate, pouring ¼ cup of water onto it.

The next step in this process involves covering up the asparagus with another plate turned upside down so it is acting as a sort of lid over the vegetables. Make sure that you microwave the asparagus on high for not more than 10 minutes. By microwaving your asparagus for longer than 10 minutes you will risk overcooking it which can make it quite unappetizing. You can choose to serve your asparagus either hot or cold, preferably with a sauce of some sort for flavor.

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