Can You Grill Broccoli?

While some people will say that you cannot grill broccoli, the truth is that when grilled it can make a very delicious side to any meal. Just like any other vegetable you will be able to grill it; however there are definitely some things which you will want to take into consideration before starting to grill it. You will first want to make sure that you get a fresh stalk of broccoli, because in the end this will be quite important. Then you will need to start slicing the stalk lengthwise, cutting it into four pieces.

You will then want to blanch your broccoli for up to five minutes or until you notice it turning a nice bright green color. By doing this you will be able to ultimately reduce grill time significantly because it will absorb the seasonings and marinades much better. Next you will need to start seasoning the broccoli with a certain marinade or even by sprinkling salt on it. You should be able to purchase grilling marinades at any of your local grocery stores.

If you do not want to use a marinade on your grilled broccoli, you will always be able to use something simple like seasoned salt, regular pepper, or garlic salt. These will give your broccoli the kind of flavor you are looking for. After you have seasoned it appropriately, you will need to put it right on the grill over a low to medium heat for a minimum of three minutes but not to exceed five. Make sure you baste the broccoli with additional marinade at this stage and it will turn out tender yet slightly charred. After you are done you should have an extremely delicious snack or side dish for your entree.

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