Can Tomatoes And Peas Be Planted Together?

There is a gardening technique known as companion planting, where certain plants are grown next to one another, either because it is a conservative use of space or because the plants actually help one another to flourish. However, not all plants can be planted together, and some plants have “enemies” that will choke them out or halt their growth in some way.

What about peas and tomatoes? Can tomatoes and peas be planted together?

Yes, they can!

While it probably isn’t going to benefit either plant, since they are not really companions, it isn’t going to harm them either.

If it makes sense to do so, go ahead and plant your peas and tomatoes within several feet of each other. However, keep in mind growing speed and size, and you may want to start the peas first so they will be done by the time the tomatoes get big enough to overshadow them.

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