Can Strawberries Be Grown Upside Down?

The Topsy Turvy Hanging Strawberry Planter is probably the most popular means to do so. Sack-like planters that hang suspended from the air and grow strawberries upside-down are available in stores and are advertised frequently on television. They are similar to the Tomato Tree, which is a larger hanging planter bag. So how do you use one?

Begin by opening the planter from the top, upside-down. Make a 25:75 or 50:50 compost to soil mixture and fill the upside-down planter. Be sure that the contents have settled and add more mixture until you’ve reached the line the manufacturer has suggested. Next, spread the slits that are on the sides of the bags and push the roots of the plants into the soil Make sure they’re firmly in the soil, but not completely covered up. Then put the planter on a sturdy hook. Sturdy is important because once the water has been added to the bag it will make it very heavy. Put this bag in a spot that receives lots of sunshine. You can add water through the hole at the top of the planter. A funnel may help guide the water. Know that the commercial planter is capable of holding up to one gallon of water at a time.

Strawberries like to be moist, especially when it’s hot and sunny, and growing plants in containers can cause them to dry out faster than if you were growing them in the ground, so in maintaining your plants be sure to give them some water every day. The water will help provide bigger fruit and more of it. And the planter will help provide strawberries that, perhaps for the first time, you won’t have to break your back when picking.

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