Can Strawberries and Blueberries be Planted Together?

Because they both like acidic soil, this will work perfectly. And it may be easier to do than you think. One not-so-widely-known, yet beneficial and simple way to grow these fruits together, is to set the plants on top of the ground and build a bed around them. And we’re not just talking about a bed of soil, but a bed of composted mulch – namely, Pine bark. Make sure that the mulch is moist until the root systems grow out, which won’t take long. One benefit of this is that if your blueberries are in soil that doesn’t drain well, they will sit and sulk. But gravity will help a raised bed to drain and the mulch will allow more room for draining as well. The Pine bark will also create food that will help them flourish.

Other tips that will help you grow some happy berries are to not plant them where tomatoes, potatoes or eggplant has grown. Set out new plants as early in the spring as you can. This will prevent the plants from being shocked when things begin to heat up. Make sure they have lots of room for circulation and plant them facing south or east on a slope. Planting them in a hollow or bottom of a hill will collect cold. And for a berry good harvest, try adding some raspberries to the mix.

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