Can Spinach Give You Diarrhea?

Because of all the different properties and components that make up spinach, it can either make diarrhea worse or help get rid of it. This particular vegetable has been known to get rid of constipation because the fact that it contains s much fiber. As the fiber passes through the large intestine it is attracted by all of the water on the way. All of this water absorption leads to the increase in volume of the feces which thereby makes it more solid.

There are also certain components of spinach that can cause diarrhea to become a problem along with gas and bloating. Because spinach contains a significant amount of magnesium, this vegetable can act as a natural laxative. Those who already have problems with diarrhea are highly recommended to stay away from this vegetable and avoid eating it as much as possible.

One thought on “Can Spinach Give You Diarrhea?

  1. Thank you so much. I have bad reaction to magnesium in pills, such as anti-acids. After a too strong of an antibiotic wrecked havoc with my intestines a few years ago, I now have diarrhea. Past weeks been trying to figure out what I have been eating that is increasing my diarrhea. Already limited on vegetables and other foods to eat, spinach is a vegetable (steamed and uncooked) I’ve enjoyed eating. Now, like lettuce, I will stop eating spinach to reduce some IBS symptoms. Note: I also have IC ( angry bladder) like many other IBS sufferes. Who would think magnesium could be harmful and cause GI pain. Thanks for the useful information.

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