Can Spinach Cause Constipation?

Those who have problems with constipation will want to stay away from certain foods including spinach. Because spinach has so much fiber in it, it can cause constipation in some people, especially those who are already prone to it. Other foods which you will want to avoid if you problems with constipation include apples, peaches, raw carrots, zucchini, kidney beans, lima beans, and whole-grain cereal.

It is important to keep in mind that spinach usually only causes constipation when it is cooked, so eating it raw shouldn’t cause any problems at all. During the cooking process certain vitamins and minerals as well as antioxidants are released which can help with a number of things, including high cholesterol and blood pressure. There are many different things that can be done with raw spinach though, so if you enjoy the taste of it you might want to look into some good culinary options.

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