Can Spinach Be Roasted?

Spinach can in fact be roasted but it is extremely important to make sure that you go about doing it the right way. First you will need to preheat your oven to 450 degrees and put the spinach in a large bowl, throwing in some garlic powder as well as olive oil. Mix in the spinach with the olive oil as well as the seasonings and lemon juice if you so choose. The next step is going to be putting the spinach on a baking sheet and distributing it evenly throughout the surface area.

Roast the spinach for not more than three minutes and at the end it should be wilted with a slight brown color. Roasted spinach goes well with a number of different dishes, so you will definitely want to look some of them up online just so you can see what you can do with it. It is important to note however that when you roast your spinach you will decreasing the nutritional value of it substantially.

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