Can Spinach Be Grown Indoors?

Spinach can be grown indoors however it is extremely important that you go about doing it the right way. First you will need to put all of the seeds inside a plastic bag, keeping them in the refrigerator about two weeks before you actually plant them. These type of seeds need to be cold for a relatively short period of time in order to germinate fully. After they have been refrigerated you will need to fill a few seedling pots with high quality potting mix. You will want to sow one or two seeds in each every pot at about ½ depth.

Make sure that the seedling pots are in a warm space so that they germinate properly. Keep in mind that the germination process will take up to seven days total. Once you see the sprouts start to appear, you will need to remove the plastic altogether. Put the seedlings under your grow lights with the very top of the plants approximately six inches from the light. You will need to leave the light on for about 14 hours a day and not more than 16 hours. As long as you make a point to give your plants all the water they need, you should not experience any problems with growing.

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