Can Pecans Cause Hives?

Typically the only time that someone will experience hives after eating nuts like pecans or anything else is if they have an allergic reaction to them. Since nut allergies are fairly common, you will definitely want to be on the lookout for any symptoms which may suggest that you have a nut allergy. Some of the most common symptoms of food allergies include headaches, nausea, gas, stomach cramping, diarrhea, and hives. These allergic reactions can occur in both humans and animals, so you if you give any to a pet you will want to look for some of the symptoms mentioned above.

By doing this you will be able to tell whether or not you or your pet should stay away from pecans or certain other types of foods. Sometimes allergic reactions to foods can be subtle at first, which is why you will need to watch out for the warning signs. A person can also become allergic to a certain food at any point in their lives, which is just another reason to make sure that you aware of what the symptoms of an allergic reaction to nuts and other foods are.

Because nut allergies are so common among people, you will want to be careful with eating too many if you get hives or experience any other signs of an allergic reaction as it could lead to a serious health problem if you eat too many at one time.

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