Can Pears Be Ripened In The Microwave?

Waiting for fruits to ripen can be tricky, since different fruits ripen at different rates under different conditions. There are a few methods that can be used to get certain fruits to ripen faster, and one of the more surprising methods is to put them in the microwave. However, there aren’t very many fruits that can be ripened in this way.

What about pears? Can pears be ripened in the microwave?

No, not really. While it can’t be properly ripened in the microwave, it may be possible to soften it up to the point where it is useable to you.

A better way to quicken the ripening of pears is to keep them at room temperature and place them near some apples. Few people know this, but apples actually give off a gas called ethylene which causes nearby fruits to ripen more quickly.

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