Can Mayonnaise Grow Hair?

Mayonnaise has in fact been proven to get some results for certain people when it comes to growing hair back, so you will need to know how to go about doing this in such a way as to where it will really be effective. First you will want to make sure to wear something that you will not mind getting stained or you can stand in the shower if you like. Take about a cup of mayonnaise and starting working it around in your hair, massaging the scalp and really digging in. Make sure to also get the ends of your hair to maximize the overall effect.

Clump your hair up on top of your head so that it is in a pile. After you have done that you will need to wrap some cellophane around your hair very tightly in order to make sure that all of it gets covered. Then put your hair in a warm towel by wrapping it around your head. Let the treatment soak in your hair for up to 20 minutes but no longer than that. If you need to you can feel free to change towels at any point. The next step involves taking the cellophane off your hair and rinsing it out with a non-abrasive moisturizer. You will need to do this at least once a month in order to get any noticeable hair growth results.

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