Can I Use Mayonnaise As Conditioner?

Lots of people these days are looking for alternatives to mainstream commercial conditioners to keep their hair soft and silky, one of which is mayonnaise. There are certain steps which you will need to follow when you are using mayonnaise as a conditioner, starting with washing your hair with a regular shampoo that is designed for especially dry hair. Make sure to towel off your hair until it is true and then comb a single teaspoon of mayonnaise through the top of it, covering each and every single strand as you go along.

You will need to let the mayonnaise sit in your hair for up to an hour. If you have very dry hair you may want consider leaving it in for an additional hour. Then you will need to shampoo and rinse out your hair again, making sure to do so very thoroughly. The last step involves brushing your hair and simply letting it dry, styling it as you normally do.

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