Can Grapes Cause Headaches?

There are certain foods and drinks such as red wine which are thought to be responsible for causing or worsening headaches. The sulfites in red wine are what can cause headaches in some people and grapes are suspect as well.

There have been a significant number of people who have claimed to get bad headaches after eating a lot of grapes, though there isn’t a whole lot of scientific data or studies to tell us that grapes can definitively cause or worsen headaches.

Those who suffer from migraines should probably avoid eating too many grapes in one sitting because of the possibility that they can in fact contribute to headaches in some way.

6 thoughts on “Can Grapes Cause Headaches?

  1. I found this little bit of info very interesting and helpful. I do, in fact, get headaches from eating too many grapes. Thanks for providing this fact for me to find through the internet!

  2. Interesting Hannah! I sat down at my computer to look up if there might be any connection twixt eating (a hefty portion of) grapes… and headache… and find I am not the only one! Thanks for posting!

  3. I find that after eating frozen grapes and yes I love them and eat too many, I wake up with a horrible headache.

  4. I’m a big grapes eater and I didn’t have any problem before even if I ate a lot of it! This time I have a real problem with this kind of grapes. It is green and really pig ones! It has a lot of meat instead of juice with a thick skin! I ate a lot of it at late night for two days now and I have very bad headache! I’m very sure this headache it caused by digestive problem like gas and bloat!

  5. I always knew that wine gave me a headache but never thought about grapes as they are my favourite fruit. I have had terrible debilitating headaches for as long as I could remember on a regular basis and that’s because i always had grapes. Since I stayed away from grapes I haven’t had one headache to date. It’s just to bad that I suffered all these years

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