Can Cherries Cause Headaches?

red cherries

So far there has been no scientific data that has found a direct connection between cherries and getting headaches, though there are still some people that claim to get them. Despite the claims that an allergic reaction to cause a headache, those usually present in the form of skin irritation and in some severe cases difficulty breathing.

Although there are some foods and drinks that have been known to cause headaches, such as red wine, so far there is no real proof that cherries are able to do this. Those who get headaches when eating cherries are most likely experiencing nothing more than a coincidence.

7 thoughts on “Can Cherries Cause Headaches?

  1. Me and my friend just ate cherries and now both have headaches. Coincidence my ass.

  2. I just ate cherries and I got a headache. Last night I ate cherries and got a headache. It’s always 3 to 5mins after I eat them.

  3. I atet cherries for dessert last night and got a headache about 10 minutes later. It’s the next morning and my head still hurts.

  4. Not only do they give me headaches, but I drank cherry juice which made my head hurt so badly that I threw up.

  5. Geez. Food CSI. I never noticed a problem with cherries before., though I almost never eat fresh cherries. I had two slices of Black Forest Cake from Ralph’s the other night and got a major headache and neck ache right afterwards. I chalked it up to the fact that I had a Dr. Pepper with it (something I haven’t had for a long time as well) and thought it was a SUGAR headache (something I’ve NEVER had). Last night had another piece of cake – glutton for punishment, but no headache – maybe slight stuffiness. Just remembered as I’m typing this that Dr. Pepper has cherries in it (fake cherry flavoring?) This morning had just a little leftover smidge – the last of that damn delicious cake. Headache and neckache for about 15 minutes! Afraid to try anything with cherries now. Wonder if you can form a reaction to it later in life (age 68). Too bad. That cake was good.

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