Can Broccoli Be Grown In The Shade?

It’s true that not everyone has access to garden space with lots of sunlight, but many wish to have a garden anyway. Fortunately, there are some vegetables that can be grown in shade and one basic rule of thumb for identifying them is knowing that if it’s something that is planted for the root or the fruit (yes, it’s rhymes!), it needs full sun. But if you grow it for the leaves, stems or buds, a shady area will work just fine.

So broccoli is one vegetable on the list that can be planted and thrive in shaded areas, although I should warn you – partial shade with no sun may cause the heads to be a bit reduced in size. One of the upsides to growing it in shade is that you won’t have spend as much time watering it. And know that ideally, to minimize disease, you should allow three years between planting broccoli and other members of the cabbage family on the same plot. However, broccoli isn’t completely antisocial. It thrives when it is planted where there were previously crops of legumes, likes peas or clover.

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