Can Broccoli Be Canned?

It can be canned, but it’s not at all suggested. The process necessary to can vegetables, pressure-canning, takes its toll on poor, delicate broccoli. When this process takes place, temperatures soar above 200ºF and this converts the vegetable to practically pulp.

The USDA urges home canners not to do this with the veg, simply because it intensifies the gassy odor, turns it a greyish green color, and converts it to mush, basically bringing broccoli down to its knees. It’s not pretty in appearance and the texture is not at all what you want from this normally vibrant vegetable.

If you’re looking for a way to store broccoli for long-term, try freeze-drying, dehydrating or simply freezing the vegetable, following the correct procedures, of course. But as far as canning it, seriously, don’t try this at home. Frankly, it stinks.

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