Can Bananas Delay Your Period?

There could be a number of reasons why a woman might want to delay the onset of her period, but for whatever reason you have for wanting to push it back you are probably wondering if there are any natural ways to do it.

Some women claim that bananas can do the trick, but is it true? Can bananas delay your period?

Well, that seems to depend on who you ask!

I cannot find any medical or scientific research on the topic, and also can’t find and ingredient in bananas that would actually cause a period to be delayed. Despite this, however, many women will swear that eating a lot of bananas during that time of the month has caused their period to be delayed.

There’s really nothing that has been proven to delay periods other than certain birth control pills, but there’s little harm in eating some bananas to see if it works. I just can’t guarantee that it will!

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