Can Babies Eat Garlic?

Although garlic is one of the pre-approved foods to feed babies, it is recommended that parents weight around eight months before feeding their child any herbs or spices such as garlic. It is also important that you employ the “4 day wait rule”, which states that you should wait four days after giving your child a certain spice or herb like garlic just to make sure that they are not allergic to it.

Since some babies can have severe food allergies and reactions, it will be absolutely imperative to make sure that if they do you do not make it worse by continuing to feed them the food that they are allergic to. Some of the other foods that you can give to your baby when he or she has hit the eight month mark is basil, oregano, ginger, cinnamon, dill, lemon zest, mint, nutmeg, anise, and curry powder. It is suggested that only older infants get fed chili or curry powder though because of how spicy and hot it can be.

One thought on “Can Babies Eat Garlic?

  1. Recently, for my seven month old twin Grandchildren (boy and girl), I prepared a stew of carrot, potato and swede but first lightly fried some onion and garlic in a little unsalted butter.
    Both ate the stew with gusto and suffered no adverse reactions. Curiously, the girl carried a rather pungent odour of garlic with her for the rest of the day whilst it was hardly noticable on the boy.

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