Can Asparagus Cause Bloating?

Sometimes people who eat asparagus can experience problems with bloating along with stomach cramps and gas, especially if they are allergic to it. It will be extremely important for you to recognize which foods you are allergic to if any so you will be able to avoid eating them in the future. Another possible reason why you could experience bloating after eating asparagus is because of all the carbohydrates that are in this particular vegetable.

Some of the other foods that have lots of carbohydrates and can sometimes cause bloating include carrots, broccoli, green peppers, corn, leeks, beets, artichokes, and many more. The fact is that bloating and flatulence is not uncommon with many of these fruits and vegetables, though everyone reacts differently to them. While some people may get a terrible bloated feeling after eating even a small amount of asparagus, others will have no problems whatsoever.

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