Can Asparagus Cause A Yeast Infection?

Those who have a candida or yeast infection and want to use a natural means of treating it will certainly want to consider eating lots of asparagus. This vegetable has lots of different things which can effectively treat infections in the body. It is a nice low-carb food which has a number of different culinary and medicinal uses, such as treating yeast infections. Some of the other foods that are particularly good to eat if you have a yeast infection include onions, cabbage, and peppers.

If you are currently having problems with a yeast infection will definitely want to cut back on sugar foods such as cookies and muffins as well as bread and flour. These foods will only serve to aggravate your infection so you will need to stay as far away from them as possible until your infection clears up. The fact is that asparagus can act as an antibacterial agent which can sometimes help to clear up infections in the body, especially in the urinary tract. Those who want to get rid of their yeast infection as quickly as possible by taking a more natural route will certainly want to consider adding more asparagus to their daily diet.

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