Can Asparagus Be Steamed?

Many people choose to steam their asparagus before they eat it and there is a very specific way to go about doing this. If you are planning on serving around four people, you will want to use one pound of asparagus or however much you will need depending on the number of people you are serving. Make sure that you thoroughly wash the asparagus because it can have some dust on it when you get it home from the supermarket. After you have done that you will need to snap off the ends of each spear, trimming what is left of the ends with a knife so that they will be just a little bit neater in appearance.

When you are ready to start cooking the asparagus you will need to put the stalks on a steamer, either regular or open-fanned, putting down in a frying pan. Pour just a little bit of boiling water over the asparagus and then a pinch of salt for flavor, then make sure to put the lid on. Those who plan on cooking a large amount of asparagus at one time can feel free to pile the spears on each other.

Steam the vegetables for around five minutes; you will want to set the time in accordance with how thick the stalks are or until they start to feel tender to the touch. You will want to remember to serve the steamed asparagus on how plates with some melted butter poured on the very tips of the spears. This makes for an absolutely delicious meal which almost anyone will enjoy.

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