Can Asparagus Be Sauteed?

Many people choose to sauté their asparagus but there is a certain way of going about doing it which you will want to follow. The first thing you will need to do is to thoroughly wash your asparagus once or twice with warm water. The next step in this process involves cutting off the very ends of the asparagus spears as they tend to be tough and inedible. You will find that this is easy because the ends of the spears will naturally break off where they are meant to so you will not have to worry about breaking off more than you need to.

After you have trimmed the spears you will then need to pour some virgin olive oil as well as melted butter over the pears and allow it to soak into the asparagus for around 20-30 minutes. This will give the asparagus the opportunity to really absorb the butter and oil so that it will enhance the overall taste.

Next you will need to put all of the spears as well as the olive into a skillet or pan, making sure not to crowd them together too much. You can even add some salt and pepper for a little extra flavor if you want. Make sure to turn the heat to medium and sauté the asparagus for up to 6 minutes. The length of time that you sauté your asparagus will of course depend on what your own personal preference is.

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