Can Asparagus Be Grilled?

If you want to grill your asparagus it will be important to know exactly how you should go about doing it so you can enhance the flavor as much as possible. The first step in this process which you will need to follow involves thoroughly washing your asparagus spears and cutting two inches off the ends of them. The very ends of your asparagus spears are going to be tough and dry so you do not want to grill them with the ends still on. Make certain that you have large thick spears to grill as the smaller ones tend to fall between the grates in the grill after they begin to soften up from exposure to heat.

On a completely separate plate you will want to melt around 4 tablespoons of butter and adding a dash of salt as well as pepper and whatever other spices you want to enhance the overall flavor of the asparagus. Put the washed and cut asparagus on the plate, coating each one with the butter and olive oil that you have mixed together. You should allow for about twenty minutes for the sauce to soak into the asparagus by leaving it under a thin paper towel.

After that step has been completely you will want to use a pair of tongs to put each spear onto the grill. Those who have grills with vertical lines on them will need to put the spears horizontally so as to avoid having them fall through during the grilling process. While you are cooking the spears you will need to make sure that they are not directly over the flame. You should also make sure to keep them on the grill for up to four minutes and not longer.

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