Can Asparagus Be Frozen?

Although it is true that asparagus can be frozen, you will want to go about doing it properly so you will be able to preserve it for as long as you need to. Some people decide to buy their asparagus in bulk and take it home to freeze, which is a particularly good idea if you do not plan on using it for a while. You will want to start off by snapping off the ends of your asparagus spears as they tend to be dry and tough.

Make sure to place all of the asparagus spears you want to freeze in tightly sealed freezer bags which are completely air tight. You can also choose to put these spears in airtight plastic containers if you like. Another step which you will want to make a point of following is to blanch your asparagus spears before freezing them. Make sure that you blanch them for the appropriate amount of time as you do not want them to get soggy by the time they come out of the freezer.

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