Can Asparagus Be Boiled?

There are certain steps which you will want to make sure to follow when you are going about boiling asparagus. The first step is to fill a saucepan with enough water to the point where it will completely cover the asparagus. You will also want to fill a skillet up with about two inches of water, so make sure you are using a fairly deep skillet. Add a dash of salt to the water and bring it to a boil by turning the heat up on the stove top to high.

Keep in mind that using a skillet is going to make this process go by much faster than using a simple stock pot which some people choose to use. After you have prepared the saucepan and skillet, you will need to thoroughly wash the asparagus you will be boiling. Make sure to break off the ends of the asparagus spears before you put them into the water as they tend to be dry and tough and not at all appetizing.

You shouldn’t experience any problems at all when doing this s the dry ends should break off naturally and without much force. After you have done this you will need to drop the asparagus into the boiling water gently and keep it in for 3-5 minutes. The length of time you decide to keep it in the pan will depend on how thoroughly you want it cooked.

After it is done you will need to take out the asparagus spears with some tongs and place them in some ice water after they have turned green; this will effectively stop the cooking process immediately. Allow the spears to cool for just a couple minutes before serving them on a dish with some salt and pepper s well as butter if you so choose.

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