Can Apples Be Frozen?

Whether you have an apple tree, or you just prefer to buy in bulk, you will run into the problem of apples going bad before you’ve had a chance to use them. One solution for many foods is to freeze them in order to keep them fresh longer.

But does this work with apples? Can apples be frozen?

Absolutely, apples can be frozen!

However, the texture of the apples with change when they are thawed, and apples that have been frozen are best used for cooking, rather than eating raw. Apples that have been frozen tend to become soggy, due to the additional water that is added to the fruit when it freezes.

Another problem you’ll run into is browning. The inside of an apple starts to oxidize (turn brown) as soon as it is exposed to air, so you’ll need to treat the apples before you freeze them if you want to preserve the natural color and flavor.

There are several ways to do this, including dipping the apples is ascorbic acid (vitamin C), lemon juice, or syrup to expose them to sugar just before freezing.

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