Are Walnuts High In Cholesterol?

Those who have problems with high cholesterol might be able to benefit from walnuts because they have been proven to help with this particular problem. There have been studies done with those who have high-cholesterol diets and when a significant quantity of walnuts was introduced to it, the participants’ cholesterol level started to decrease. Between the omega-3 fatty acids along with the phytosterols, walnuts make for a very healthy and delicious snack.

The physosterols which are found in these nuts are actually able to reduce LDL cholesterol levels in certain people, though how exactly they are able to do this is still not entirely known. Walnuts also have a whole host of vitamins and nutrients in them which are highly beneficial to our bodies which are why they are recommended as part of a healthy balanced diet. Numerous studies have concluded with results that suggest walnuts are great for lowering cholesterol and staying healthy overall.

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