Are Strawberries Self-Pollinating?

They are both self-fertile and self-pollinating. The pollen will be released after the anthers begin to dry out. Once the anthers are fully dry and fully open, pollen bursts out and scatters across the stigmas. The pollen will stay viable for several days, but the most productive days will be the first four. Strawberries are best when they are produced by cross-pollination and this is helped by their little friends, the bees. In fact, multiple visits from the bees produce perfectly-shaped fruit and also improve the quality. And, of course, the wind is a helper, too.

If you have strawberries in your home that you would like to pollinate, your best bet is to play the part of the bee yourself. One way to do this is to find a Q-tip and rub it around each of the flowers, keeping in mind that multiple visits produces the best plant – and the best fruit.

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