Are Strawberries Safe For Parakeets?

Not only are they not bad for them, but a healthy birdy diet should consist of various fruits and vegetables every day. An ideal diet for them consists of half seeds and half fruits or vegetables. A diet consisting of only seeds and feed can result in an overweight parakeet. This might be due to the fact that when they live in the wild, atop the trees, they eat fruits and vegetables, including berries, nearly all the time. They will often enjoy any fruit or vegetable you feed to them, as long as the food is cut down to an appropriate size.

It is important to wash the strawberries thoroughly, since they are unfortunately known for being more contaminated with pesticides than many other fruits or veggies. Although strawberries are safe, it’s not a bad idea to do research or seek a vet’s advice on anything new you’re considering feeding your little bird, since a wrong move could be fatal. For instance, few people would know that avocados are deadly to birds and will almost definitely kill them.

In some cases, your bird may not be interested in fruits or vegetables immediately. Sometimes these little birds can be persistent, refusing them for up to a year. But it’s important that you persevere. Making fresh fruits a daily part of their daily birdy diet will in the end make for a healthier, happier pet.

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