Are Strawberries Perennials or Annuals?

Knowing how long your plants are going to last is an important part of gardening, and is something that many beginners overlook. Are your plants annuals; meaning they have to be replanted each year, or are they perennials; which are plants that last 2 years or more. There are also biennials, which last for 2 years.

In the case of strawberries, if left to grow on their own, strawberries are perennial plants and will produce fruit for many years. However, some farmers replant their strawberries every year as though they were annuals.

This is probably a bit excessive, most large-scale farmers won’t let a crop of strawberry plants go for longer than 3-4 years without replanting them. This is mostly due to disease being passed down from “mother” plants to “child” plants through the generations, as well as simply keeping younger plants which tend to produce better fruits.

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