Are Strawberries Bad For Cats?

For some reason cats seem to have a strange fascination with fruits, specifically strawberries. A lot of cat owners are curious about whether or not strawberries are okay for cats to eat  and the short answer is no. You should avoid giving your cats any fruit at all and that includes strawberries. Cats are well-suited to dry food diets because it gives them what they need to stay healthy. Strawberries contain too much sugar and do not give them what their bodies need to function properly. You will want to keep your cat on a meat-based diet when it comes to the food they eat.

2 thoughts on “Are Strawberries Bad For Cats?

  1. Hello I would like to say that you have absolutely no clue what you are talking about. Strawberries are listed by the ASPCA as okay for cats. While they are not suitable as a main part of their diet as any every once in a while as a treat is perfectly fine. Your assertion that cats are suited to a dry food diet is CRAZY! Dry food diets for cats lead to a higher incidence of kidney stones and infections which can lead to blockages and death. Cats have a low thirst drive and this is why cats for optimal health should be fed a wet food diet. So please stop putting out bad information for animal owners.

  2. Dear Gabe,

    First of all, thank you for your comment!

    You are absolutely correct that the ASPCA lists strawberries as Non-Toxic to Cats. But What the article tries to explain, is that it wouldn’t be a good thing to give it to them in large quantities.
    I give my own cats a mix of dry and wet food, which I would recommend. In that way I agree that wet food is absolutely needed in a cat’s diet (and I will change the article to state that more clearly in the comming weeks). I don’t agree that a dry food diet is always bad though and that in some cases it is even necessary (one of my older cats was put on a dry food diet by my veterinarian). To prevent kidney stones you of course need to make sure that you always provide enough water to go with your cat’s food.

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