Are Strawberries An Aphrodisiac?

Considering an aphrodisiac is any factor that increases the sexual appetite, I think it’s subjectively fair to say it is.  And the idea is nothing new.  Long before France was the superpower it is today, they were feeding their newlyweds strawberry soup.  And if the French have believed it increases the sexual appetite, well, who would know better?  Huh?

But there’s more proof than that.  Things that keep us happy and healthy are bound to increase all of our drives, including sexual ones. And, like many other fruits that are considered to be aphrodisiacs, strawberries contain natural sugars and water than make us feel happy and keep us hydrated as well. And like those other foods, strawberries can produce endorphins which affect us sexually not because they’re affecting any specific sexual gland or organ, but because they just make us feel good.

There’s a lot of controversy over whether or not any aphrodisiac can be scientifically proven and the debate has been long-standing. Some believe that foods and scents affect our sexual urges strongly. But others still don’t believe that these things affect our libido at all. I say just look at the perfect shape of a strawberry! They must be designed specifically for dipping in chocolate or whipped cream to create the stirring of the senses! To solve the issue, whether you believe aphrodisiacs are superstition or science, just dip some of the delicious berries and feed them directly to your lover. And I have a feeling you’ll agree.

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