Are Spelt and Farro the Same Thing?

Even though there are some misconceptions about spelt and faro, they are not in fact the same thing. Farro is light brown in color and is a cereal grain as well. The husk/hull is what sets faro and spelt apart from each other. During the harvesting period, faro husk adheres to the grain, similar to that of oats as well as barley. Although spelt is very frequently confused with faro, it is a lot less common. While spelt does in fact have a husk that resembles that of faro, it is a soft grain which becomes mushy when it is cooked and has a fairly bland taste.

Farro has several distinctive spikes as well as a very sturdy body overall and even when it is reheated it still manages to retain its chewy texture which is why it is such a popular food item with so many people. Although spelt is frequently sold as farro, there are some noteworthy differences that separate the two from each other. Those who are purchasing spelt will need to read the details on the packaging so they can make sure of what they are getting. You will find that farro is also commonly referred to as “emmer wheat”.

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