Are Raspberries High In Pectin?

Pectin is a naturally occurring substance found in many fruits and berries which is often used as a gelling agent in jams and jellies. For this reason, if you’re making jam or jelly it’s important to know the pectin content of the fruit you’re using so that you can use the appropriate jamming technique.

So what about raspberries? Are raspberries high in pectin?

No, they are not. In fact, raspberries have quite a low pectin content. This is also the case for other soft berry fruits such as blackberries and strawberries.

This means that making jams and jellies with raspberries will require the use of preserving sugar or jam sugar in order to increase the pectin content of the jam.

One thought on “Are Raspberries High In Pectin?

  1. in response to the above comment about soft berry fruits: blackberries are very high in pectin. i have been making blackberry jelly/jam for years without any added pectin. it is good to add slightly under ripe berries to your mix, like maybe one fifth. you also get to use less sugar than w/added pectin. the ratio is 6 cups sugar to 8 cups
    juice/ or crushed fruit. i have just successfully made strawberry jam, a nice soft jam, with no added pectin, by adding apple and/or grape juice to the mix to cause it to jell, and still getting the full flavor of the strawberries. the great advantage to learning these things is that you needn’t buy pectin, and you use less sugar than juice/fruit; as
    opposed to the pectin box recipes. crab apples are very high in pectin, if you can or freeze any of these apple/grape juices then you will have them on hand to make your jelly-jammies. peace.

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