Are Raspberries Genetically Modified?

Many of the fruits and vegetables that we eat actually come from genetically modified plants. This can be done for many reasons, including giving them greater resistance to diseases, or simply allowing the plants to produce more fruit.

Whatever the reason for the modification, there are quite a lot of people who are not comfortable consuming these products, and would prefer natural or organic alternatives. For this reason, it is important to know which foods are genetically modified and which are not.

So what about raspberries? Are raspberries genetically modified?

Yes, some raspberry plants have been genetically modified.

Most varieties of raspberry that you will find in stores come from plants which have been modified to resist diseases. While these modifications have been deemed safe, you may want to look for pure organic raspberries if you wish to avoid genetic modifications entirely.

One thought on “Are Raspberries Genetically Modified?

  1. I’m finding it very curious that raspberries don’t seem to grow mold like they used to. In fact, I have “organic” raspberries in the fridge right now that have been there for ten days and don’t have a speck of mold anywhere. They aren’t even growing soft or breaking down. They’re starting to appear to be impervious to age and biodegradation, like McDonald’s fries. Used to be that raspberries grew mold in just a matter of days, and one always had to eat them ASAP because of that. Now I’m beginning to mistrust organic produce, as this sure would seem like GMO without the labeling.

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