Are Raspberries Acidic?

Some people do not tolerate high acid foods very well, and generally try to avoid moderately acidic foods as well. This can create problems. Since it can be hard to know which foods are acidic, which are alkaline, and which are neutral.

Some foods are well know, such as lemons. Everyone knows that lemons are acidic.

But what about raspberries? Are raspberries acidic?

The answer is that yes, raspberries are acidic, but only slightly so. The sources I can find seem to suggest that the pH level of raspberries is around 6 or so, which places them not far from the completely neutral level of 7.

If you do not tolerate acidic foods, you should be alright with raspberries, so long as they are eaten in moderation.

2 thoughts on “Are Raspberries Acidic?

  1. I have a chart stating that fresh lemon is alkaline. You state it being acidic. Please explain. Thank you.

    Ira Lieb

  2. Some charts determine acidity or alkalinity on the food before it is consumed & others are more interested in the effect the food has on the body after it has been consumed.

    So while lemons in their natural state are acidic, they do have an alkalising effect on the body. Citric Acid is a “weak” acid, meaning once it’s done it’s job in providing energy in metabolism it’s eliminated easily via sweat and respiration. It is alkaline forming in that it stimulates the formation of calcium carbonate in the body. Calcium carbonate then neutralizes the “Strong” acids in the body.

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