Are Pecans High In Carbs?

Those who are trying to avoid foods that are high in carbs will need to take the time to find plenty of alternatives to junk foods which can be fattening and very unhealthy for your body. Nuts make up a very important part of a balance diet and that includes pecans. Pecans are a great idea for those who are on a low-carb diet and are trying to stay fit and trim.

You will find that there are many other benefits to eating pecans, such as the fact that they do not contain any cholesterol or sodium whatsoever and have lots of non saturated fats which are good for your brain and body. There is also a variety of vitamins and minerals in pecans that you will be able to benefit from as well. In just one ounce of pecans there is 1.2 grams of carbs which is not a very significant amount at all. They make for the perfect healthy snack for those who are trying to eat right on a regular basis.

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