Are Pears High In Fiber?

Fiber is an essential part of any healthy diet. Not only does it aid in the digestion process and encourage bowel movements, but it also helps to lower cholesterol. Getting enough fiber in your daily diet is not difficult, however in order to do that you will need to be aware of which foods are high in fiber.

So what about pears? Are pears high in fiber?

Yes, they are!

Pears have a very high amount of fiber, with a medium sized pear containing approximately 5.5 grams. This is about 22% of the daily recommended amount of fiber, from just one single pear!

Also, most of the fiber in pears is soluble, which means that it is easily digested as it moves through the intestines. This type of fiber doesn’t do as much to aid in bowel movements, but it will greatly help with the regulation of blood sugar and cholesterol.

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