Are Peaches High In Fiber?

Fiber is an essential part of any healthy diet, and it’s important to know which foods contain high amounts of fiber so you can be sure that you are getting enough on the daily basis.

So what about peaches? Are peaches high in fiber?

Yes, actually they are!

While not nearly as high in fiber as most grains or oats, peaches do contain moderately high amounts of fiber. A single medium-sized peach will have about 2 grams of fiber, while a large peach will contain approximately 3 grams.

Dried peaches actually contain even higher levels of fiber than fresh peaches, with 3 pieces containing over 3 grams of fiber.

2 thoughts on “Are Peaches High In Fiber?

  1. I opened a can of peaches In Light syrup. I was confused that 0 fiber was listed in the nutrition label!!!!zero!????
    I guess I misunderstand the peach!

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