Are Oranges High In Potassium?

Oranges are in fact a good and significant source of potassium. A serving size of only 6 oz. provides 327 mg of potassium, which is a considerable amount and very good for you indeed. Those who typically drink a lot of orange juice and eating oranges frequently are privy to a number of health benefits, including reduced blood pressure. Those who currently have high blood pressure will certainly be able to benefit from the added potassium that comes from oranges, whether in liquid or solid form.

Potassium-rich diets have also been linked with reducing the chance of kidney stones as well as other health problems. There are a lot of different fruits and vegetables that contain significant levels of potassium and this is certainly one of them. You will find that oranges are a good type of fruit to eat overall because of their many health benefits. As a good that is high in potassium, it can make quite the difference for those who have certain health problems. Those who consume a lot of sodium throughout the day will need to think about consuming more potassium through oranges/orange juice than most in order to compensate for the lost potassium.

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