Are Grapes Considered Berries?

There is some confusion as to which “category” certain foods belong in, and most of this confusion comes from the multiple meanings of the words that we use. When it comes to foods, there is often a difference between the scientific meaning of a word, and the meaning of the word in everyday use. For instance, did you know that in the scientific sense a tomato is actually a fruit? However, when cooking we refer to it as a vegetable.

The meaning of the word “berry” also causes some confusion, and has lead people to wonder: are grapes considered berries?

Yes, they are!

In the botanical sense, a berry is simply a fleshy fruit which is produced from a single plant ovary. This means that grapes qualify as berries, even though they are not typically referred to as such. Another food that is actually a berry, but which is not often referred to as one, is the one I mentioned earlier: tomatoes!

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