Are Cherries From A Weeping Cherry Tree Edible?

Cherries from weeping cherry trees are widely considered to be non-edible as they have a very tart and sour taste with little actual meat on them due to the fact that the pit is so large.

Since there are some sources which state that the pit from cherries off of these trees are actually poisonous, it is important to avoid eating them if you should encounter such a tree. They are more ornamental than anything else and typically not for eating, at least not for humans. While there is no scientific proof that the pits from these cherries are poisonous, it is better to simply avoid eating them altogether.

One thought on “Are Cherries From A Weeping Cherry Tree Edible?

  1. It may be too soon to tell but I ate one a couple hours ago and I seem just fine, very tart, a little bitter, but good in a way. I can’t wait until Traverse City cherry festival brings in the real harvest this July!

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