Are Blueberries The Same As HuckleBerries?

Although huckleberries and blueberries are closely related, there are certain things about them that make them different from each other. The blueberry is much smaller than the huckleberry and while huckleberries come in both red and blue colors, blueberries are just a dark blue color.

Sometimes people call blueberries huckleberries, but there are some differences that you should be aware of before incorrectly getting the two mixed up. These two fruits do in fact come from different plants, so they are therefore not the same exact thing. Besides the differences in plants, there is also the obviously noticeable difference in how they look on the outside.

One thought on “Are Blueberries The Same As HuckleBerries?

  1. Just for the record, blueberries are generally larger than huckleberries or same size if you find a good crop of huckleberries but you would never go back to blueberries after eating huckleberries!! Try some blueberry jam and then try the huckleberry. You will be hooked! You will then know the difference too.

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