Are Black Bananas Safe To Eat?

Bananas, like most fruits and vegetables, go through different colors as they grow and ripen.

Green bananas are the most unripened, although some people prefer them this way. Yellow bananas are the classic ripe bananas that we all know. But after they’ve been yellow for a while bananas begin to turn black.

Green and yellow bananas are safe to eat, but what about black? Are black bananas safe to eat?

Absolutely! Although depending on your personal tastes, you might not want to.

As bananas continue to ripen, the sugar within the fruit becomes concentrated and they become very sweet. This makes black bananas better for cooking with than eating raw. Black bananas are great for adding natural sweetness to muffins and cakes.

Also, the texture of over-ripe black bananas is unappealing to some people. When bananas get to that stage, they become mushy and some people find that to be off-putting.

2 thoughts on “Are Black Bananas Safe To Eat?

  1. No! Do not eat black bananas! That’s a definite no no! That means they are at the stage where they have rotted! Time to trash ’em! If you look closely in a telescope you will probably find some mold spots on them. They will also make you sick. If you eat one, you will have suvire vomiting and dihereeah. That’s not fun is it? But yeah, I think the meat time to buy bananas is when thyre fully green, and no yellow. That way, you can keep them for longer. If you buy them with a couple of ripening spots, they won’t last as long. You cannot use black bananas in recipes. Only really ripe ones. Not rotten ones. When they rot, that means they are not sweet anymore. I hope u understood what my tip is trying to explain. Thanks!

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