Are Bananas Biodegradable?

Whether you have your own compost heap, or are simply environmentally conscious (as you should be!) you may be wondering whether certain food items are biodegradable.

So are bananas biodegradable?

Well when one talks about biodegradability of bananas, they’re usually referring to the peel or skin, as the flesh of the banana is usually eaten or used.

Yes, banana peels are biodegradable, however they break down relatively slowly compared to many other fruits and vegetables. Banana peels can take up to 2 years to fully biodegrade, so you may want to be cautious of where you throw those peels if you are out somewhere.

Another factor that many people never consider is the produce sticker found on some bananas. Those stickers may or may not be biodegradable, depending on whether they are made of paper or plastic. However, the ink used in the sticker will possibly be toxic when it breaks down, even if the sticker itself is made of paper.

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