Are Avocados High In Carbs?

Those who are trying to watch their weight and eat right will definitely need to know which foods to watch out for with regards to carbohydrates. Avocados do not have a lot of carbs in them, which is just one reason why those who are on a diet will want to consider eating more of them. In just a ½ cup of avocado is 1 gram of effective carbohydrate as well as 5 grams of fiber and a total of 120 calories.

This means that eating avocado will give you exactly what you are looking for when it comes to overall health and minimal carbs which is what more and more people are looking for these days. The average California avocado has only 3 grams of effective carbohydrate in it as well as 9 grams of fiber for a total of 227 calories. Those who are trying to watch their weight will certainly want to at least consider eating more avocado on a regular basis because of everything it can offer in terms of nutritional value

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